God DAMMIT humanity, is this really the best you can do?
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1) My birthday is March 18, 1995.
2) I am a bisexual in eighth/ ninth grade
4) I enjoy anime
5) I love Avatar: The Last Airbender
6) I love Naruto
8) I also support NaruIno and SasuHina, but I really love InoHina. I go back and forth.
9) I HATE Barack Obama (Or I call him “Barack Sadam Housane Oslama Bin Laden”;) ‘cuz he is evil!!!!!!!! NO OBAMA!!!!!!
10) I am a 100% Republican
14) I HATE Beyonce and the Jonas Brothers ( Beyonce sucks! I’m sorry Beyonce fans, suck it. I just like the Jonas Brothers as people. Not singers)
15) I love Avril Lavigne, Cascada, Evanescence, Flyleaf, The Veronicas, Madonna, Britney Spears, Daughtry, Nickelback, t.A.T.u, and, uh…… kind of AC/DC…
17) I go to Private Catholic School.
19) I support McCain Palin from ’08 and I still do.
21) Uh…I am about 100 pounds over the teenage limit. TOO FAT!!!! Don’t ask my weight for real. It’s more than 100, less than 300.
27) IchiHime is destiny!!!!! (evry1 knows Ichigo winds up with Orihime…. Where the hell do they come up w/ IchiRuki and Ulquihime?!)
28) I love Twilight.
29) I am in LOVE with Edward Cullen!!!!! He is MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!
30) I am in love with Drake Bell, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, uh….the kid who plays Miley’s brother Jackson on Hannah Montana, Jason Marsden….so many
38) Family Guy and Robot Chicken are awesome!!!!!!
39) I hate the Simpsons and King of the Hill
42) I have spazz laugh attacks
43) I talk to myself a lot
44) I hate dorky kids
45) I hate girls who steal boys I crush on…. ):<
46) Katy Perry is my babe!!!
49) InoHina is the best Yuri ship ever! That, and AnkoKure
50) I hate rap and country
51) I don’t know why everyone thinks Jessica Simpson is so great. She is a SLUT!!!!
56) I think Lindsay Lohan is a bitch. And her girlfriend looks too much like a boy!

and the best way to top it all off

59) I will learn how to shoot a gun this sumer!

This kid is proof that beating or at least screaming at and insulting your kids might not be such a bad idea, and that the Internet is largely responsible for dumbing down the human race as a whole.

I normally don't get angry over stupid Internet things but, god dammit fuck this kid.

guys stop the fursecution we mean it
kitsurubami, flcl, imaishi

tomas lion says "fuck you asshole hyoomans we're gonna fight back"

I can't stop watching this
kitsurubami, flcl, imaishi




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